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Rey Reyes the lender

Who Is Rey?

Rey Reyes is the Sr. Loan Officer at Sharp Loan

Rey and his team at Sharp Loan are proud to be one of the Nation’s Top-10 Mortgage Brokers. Additionally, we are the #1 Ranked Loan Originator in Orange, CA, working with the top lenders in the country to get you the best refinance rate possible.

Why Refinance Your Mortgage

Lower Monthly Payments

There are several steps you can take before and after you buy a home to make your mortgage payment as low as possible.

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Refinancing may free you up from monthly mortgage insurance payments and put extra money in your pocket.

Consolidate Debt

Use the cash from your home to pay off higher interest, non tax-deductible credit cards, student loans, or medical bills.

Cash Out Equity

Invest some of that newfound equity into funding a business idea, or starting a college savings plan. Whatever your goals may be, refinancing a home can be a great way to free up cash and make them a reality.

ARM to Fixed Rate

An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) probably made sense when you first bought your house, but now you might need something more stable.

Shorter Loan

Shortening your loan term may save you money on interest over the life of the loan while building equity faster. You can even set up a mortgage term that expires when you retire.

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